Helsinki New Horizons misinformation

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During the past month we’ve asked the City of Helsinki multiple questions on Twitter as the City of Helsinki told that they will publish information about the temporary use of the Helsinki-Malmi International Airport in August.

The information in Finnish was published as late as of 12th of September and in English yesterday on the 14th. The Swedish version is still missing even Helsinki is a bilingual city.

Also, the text in Finnish and English contain major errors. First, as the City of Helsinki has admitted in Twitter, no decisions has been made to close the airport. The new general plan Yleiskaava 2050 has not been approved, it’s just a draft and also the new regional plan is just a draft. Only the state owned Finavia is leaving the airport on the 31st of December.

Second mistake is that the City of Helsinki claims that only the buildings will be preserved. That’s incorrect. A preservation plan is in the process for the whole area of the airport.

This kind of misinformation is unacceptable. Finland will be celebrating next year it’s 100 year independence. Helsinki-Malmi Airport is 80 years old as of this year and despite the city plans the airport has a bright future, a citizen’s act Lex Malmi has been launched to save the airport with over 37.000 supporters as of 15th of September.