Flying at the endangered Helsinki-Malmi Airport continue in 2020?

We haven’t seen much written about the Helsinki-Malmi Airport status in English lately so here’s a quick recap of the events for the past seven days:

Friday 20th of December Traficom notified they will not be making a decision about the Helsinki-Malmi Airport before the end of the year.

Monday 23rd City of Helsinki publishes a post on their website that they’ll close the airport anyway on the 31st of December.

Yesterday on the Boxing Day 26th of December the national public broadcasting company Yleisradio Oy published a news article in Finnish which says flying at Helsinki-Malmi Airport will continue in 2020.

In 2016 the Helsinki-Malmi Airport was chosen as one of the seven most endangered cultural heritage sites in Europe. In 2017 more than 56.000 Finnish people signed a citizen’s initiative to save the airport. Helsinki-Malmi Airport is also the most important general aviation airport in Finland.

What do you think will happen at Helsinki-Malmi Airport on the 1st of January 2020? Business as usual? Bulldozers and local level politicians opening champagne bottless (yes, there’s already some volunteers…)? Something else? Please tell us what you think.

1 thought on “Flying at the endangered Helsinki-Malmi Airport continue in 2020?

  1. Anssi Rauhala

    While I’ve no idea what will happen, I only know what I wish would happen. A giant New Year Fly-In would be a nice idea! People from around Finland and neighboring countries, flying in for tea and biscuits, with lowered or even better, no landing fees! Any and all antique or experimental aircraft would be welcome, which of course is beautiful and devoutly to be wished!

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