Hangar to be left empty after 15th of May 2017?

Yesterday on the 26th of April City of Helsinki published a bulletin in Finnish on the Helsinki New Horizons website where they claimed that Flow Festival Helsinki and Weekend Festival might move to Malmi Airport in the future. Today Flow Festival issued a statement on Twitter that they do not have any plans to move to Malmi.

So far it seems that the City of Helsinki does not have any events for the hangar building for the summer 2017 or 2018. Clearing out the hangar from aviation companies seems to be just one more step on their attempt to force the closure of the airport. On the 1st of January 2017 the ATC was closed at Malmi Airport.

City of Helsinki is planning a massive 20-30 year housing project to the airport. Approximately 10 000 residents would be living at the airport area by the year 2040–2050. An often quoted number is 25 000 residents but that number is for the whole Malmi area of over 300 ha. The airport area is about 138 ha.

The aviation companies at the Malmi Airport are interested to continue operating in the hangar building. Also large events are most welcome to the Malmi Airport. Only thing that is amazing is that City of Helsinki would rather leave the building empty, without no use for the summer 2017 and winter 2017/2018.

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