FlightGlobal ROUTES: Finavia to close and sell more airports

FlightGlobal ROUTES: Finavia to close and sell more airports

Finavia currently operates 22 airports across the country and Sundelin says the airport operator needs to reduce this to “10 to 12 including Helsinki” to be “more or less, round about” profitable.

How are we not surprised?


Article in Finnish by Lentoposti.fi



UPDATE: What a surprise. Now Finavia claims in Twitter that the original article published on the 26th of September contains some errors. Still those errors haven’t been corrected. The 26th was last Wednesday. Today is Monday.

2nd UPDATE: The original article by Oliver Clark seems to be missing completely from the Flight Global website. How surprising. Here’s another quote from the original article:

Speaking to FlightGlobal during the World Routes conference in Chengdu, Sundelin says the Finnish airport operator, which privatised Lappeenranta airport this year, is “in the process of selling more [airports]”, adding: “most probably there will be one or two shut downs [as well]”

However we’re getting used to this, missing texts (FI) and miserable attempts to change what has been previously said (FI) (yes, that means you, minister Päivi Risikko). Translations of these two articles are in the queue.

We’re expecting a reply from Finavia Oyj and Mr. Sundelin in Twitter regarding this missing article case. And from FlightGlobal too. It’s bad journalism to delete an article that has been previously published. Good journalism is to fix the possible errors and misconceptions. To err is human. To try to cover human mistakes always raises questions.

3rd UPDATE: The original article is now back online with a footnote ”This article has been updated to add the phrase “discussion of” to the quote in the third paragraph, so that it precisely matches the interview recording. Additionally, context has been added to the fourth paragraph, to clarify that the “10 to 12” figure was given in response to a question on the ideal long-term size of Finavia’s network

Päätimme kysyä Liikenne- ja viestintäministeriöstä kommentteja.

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