Current schedule as of 8th of September

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September 2016: City of Helsinki should publish the information that was promised for August about the “temporary use” of the Helsinki-Malmi Airport between 2017 and 2018 before the housing development project begins

October–December 2016: During these three months the City of Helsinki should make many important decisions about the ideas sent by entrepreneurs for the temporary use

January 2017: The temporary use should begin at the Helsinki-Malmi Airport

Does this schedule sound reasonable to anyone? We think it doesn’t. It’s a joke. It’s like saying we don’t care if the Helsinki-Malmi Airport will become a Helsinki’s own Tempelhof. Which is a nice and a great place in Berlin.

All facts point out that the Helsinki-Malmi Airport should be kept in aviation use. According to all reports published by the City of Helsinki to this date the housing development project is going to fail financially.

If there’s any mistakes please report those to us and we’ll fix. The Malmigate project aims to provide neutral information based on facts about the plans of the City of Helsinki regarding the future of Helsinki-Malmi Airport that was chosen as one of the seven most endangered cultural heritage sites in Europe by Europa Nostra.