Three months more at the last possible moment

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A bulletin by the City of Helsinki has been posted to the Twitter (in Finnish only) stating that the City of Helsinki will continue renting the hangar at Malmi Airport for three more months to aviation use.

Just two weeks a go a bulletin was posted that the hangar must be empty by the 15th of May 2017. In the bulletin City of Helsinki listed multiple alternative uses for the hangar but all of the proposed alternative users including the Flow Festival informed that they are not interested about the hangar for the summer season 2017.

For the past 45+ years City of Helsinki has been after Malmi Airport to start a housing project for about 10 000 residents. Of course, in the latest materials they claim 25 000 new residents but that number is false. It’s for the whole Malmi area of 300 hectares. The airport is just 138 hectares.

Elsewhere the City of Helsinki claims to be a enterpreneur friendly city. However if you’re an aviation business or if your business premises are at Malmi or Tattarisuo for example the truth is something else.

Not to forget the Hernesaari heliport (article in Finnish only) where the City of Helsinki gave permit for a heliport until 2020. Just to cut the rental agreement short due to need to store building materials. First the City of Helsinki tried to cut the rental agreement as early as 31st of December 2017 but due to an error in the process they had to extend the deadline to 31st of December 2018. Still much less than the 31st of December 2020. The heliport has operated at Hernesaari since 1974.

Malmi Airport including the hangar we’re talking about was built in the 1930’s and was chosen in 2016 as one of the seven most endangered cultural heritage site by Europa Nostra. On the 15th of May attendees of the European Heritage Congress will be visiting Malmi Airport.