Short summary of the hangar status at the Helsinki-Malmi Airport

The City of Helsinki bought the historical hangar building at the Helsinki-Malmi Airport few years ago. In February 2017 the City decided that they will rent the hangar only for events and started to plan a conversion to an event venue.

Result: Not enough hangar capacity for aircrafts for the winter – and no major events because converting the old historical hangar building to a temporary event venue would cost at least 3.3 M€ and the City does not have the funds for the conversion. Also the City would need a permit from the building preservation authorities.

Yesterday the deputy mayor Anni Sinnemäki responsible for City planning and buildings declined to answer the questions of Iltalehti, one of the largest afternoon newspapers in Finland. The City is still keeping the central heating on in the old hangar (now mostly empty) and the aircraft operators have to keep their aircrafts outside when unable to get space from the other smaller hangars at the Helsinki-Malmi Airport.

More information in Finnish at Iltalehti and Malmigate.

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